XSTEM a Decentralized Financial Ecosystem

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XSTEM Is an open-source decentralized blockchain network that offers a revolutionary financial ecosystem empowering businesses, traders, and consumer with a fast easy payment solution integrated with a secure Platform. XSTEM ecosystem is backed by XTE, a cryptocurrency designed for real-world application.

XSTEM Platform to help build the broad acceptance

  • XS Pay a Mobile App with multi-currency wallet integrated XS Trading Platform.
  • XS Merchant Portal is a Point of Sale and Payment Gateway with Payment protection system for the business transaction.
  • XS Trading Platform is crypto exchange integrated with XS Bank.
  • XS Bank a bridge between crypto and traditional banking (Visa Network).

Our Technology

XSTEM is hybrid Proof of Work and Proof of Stake to secure the network and achieve distributed consensus. XSTEM network can mine either a PoW Block or PoS Block. XSTEM network consists of masternodes which perform DarkSend, InstantX and governance functions.


Hybrid PoW/PoS


Instant & Anonymous

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Wallet for Windows

Wallet for MacOS

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